On-Site Retrieval Tooling Increases Nuclear Plant Outage Efficiency

Planned outages are necessary for every power plant – especially nuclear. Controlling the efficiency of outage operations can help to decrease the total downtime of a plant. The cost of downtime for a 1,000 mega-watt nuclear plant is roughly $500k per day.

One Sensor Networks customer has found increased efficiency in their downtime operations by investing in on-site retrieval equipment. Foreign object search and retrieval (FOSAR) is a regular part of planned outage operations. This particular plant averages 5-10 major retrievals per outage. Primarily in contaminated water pools, they need to retrieve items that have sunk to the bottom of the pool. Successful retrievals were achieved by using their on-site Sensor Networks’ JAWS 2.0™ retrieval tool.

In one specific example, a mag light, had sunk to the bottom of the pool 20 feet down (10 feet to the water line and 10 feet to the bottom of the pool). By connecting 5 extension-push rods to the JAWS 2.0 with the snare end effector, they were able to retrieval the mag light in only 2 minutes. Next was a facility sign, also at the bottom of the pool but with a different geometry and weight. For the sign, they quickly changed to the flat serrated end-effectors and pulled it up in minutes. The quick set-up and intuitive operation of the JAWS 2.0 enabled this plant to complete all the retrievals in less than an hour.

The JAWS 2.0 total kit comes with 13 different end-effectors, allowing the user to optimize the retrieval plan for items with various geometries. The built-in LED lights and hi-def camera also provide increased visibility for items in dark places or areas with no human-eye, line-of-sight visibility. This customer noted that “with the JAWS 2.0, I know we have everything we need to be successful in our retrievals”. Within minutes they can address any retrieval application without advanced training. This equipment can end up shortening downtime by days and save a plant millions of dollars in the process.

JAWS 2.0

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