A whole new approach to corrosion/erosion monitoring

smartPIMS® 2.0 is the next generation system for non-intrusive ultrasonic corrosion/erosion monitoring of critical assets. The smartPIMS 2.0 offers a variety of connectivity options designed to provide an optimized solution for any application. Each multi-point monitoring system can connect up to 16 ultrasonic sensors to provide enhanced coverage of known critical and problematic locations. Data can be collected manually or cellularly to webPIMS™ software for databasing, trending, and analysis.

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Use smartPIMS for:

Fast & Consistent Data Readings

Applications where frequent data is required to monitor corrosion/erosion rate issues.


smartPIMS can be installed permanently or temporarily, allowing for long- or short-term data collection and monitoring.

Automatic & hands-free monitoring

smartPIMS sensors are designed to take thickness readings at user-defined intervals and gives operators the ability to collect their data without the need for in-person inspection.

Easy Installations

With magnetic and clamp-style attachment options available, smartPIMS are easy to install - without sacrificing performance and accuracy.

Multi-point monitoring

smartPIMS multi-point monitoring systems can be used to gain increased coverage of known critical and problematic areas.

Reducing Costs

Reduce scaffolding and insulation removal/refitting costs for manual corrosion inspecting. smartPIMS are a more accurate and reliable data collection method designed for improving operations.

3 Connectivity Options


smartPIMS 2.0 Cellular system is equipped with an onboard battery and an LTE-M/Cat M1 cellular modem for data transfer to the internet via cellular data connectivity. The system can be programmed to obtain thickness values at user defined time intervals and transmit data to SNI webPIMS backend application for databasing, trending, and analysis. 


Datalogger is equipped with an onboard battery and system memory enabling the storage of up to 3,000 thickness readings. The system can be programmed to obtain data on a user-defined schedule and store all the data onboard. Users connect to the unit via DIU adapter and table/PC using dataPIMS software. Data is downloaded and available in XML or CSV (Excel) file format or uploaded to SNI webPIMS backend software for databasing, trending, and analysis. 


Modbus system connects directly to a PC or laptop to take on-demand thickness readings, store them on the local PC in SNI dataPIMS software and optionally upload to SNI webPIMS backend application for databasing, trending, and analysis.

The system can also be wired directly into a SCADA/DCS system for polling at any user-defined schedule. New data can be read via standard Modbus commands and displayed on local consoles or ported to company backend management systems. 


Our line of non-destructive corrosion/erosion sensors provide an advanced inspection method; Monitoring. With corrosion and erosion monitoring, asset owners are able to gain further insight into their assets by taking frequent and consistent thickness measurements, without the need for manual inspection methods. With higher quality and quantity data, owners and operators are able to analyze, trend, and correlate corrosion/erosion rates with their processes and make necessary adjustments to mitigate potential problems


Sensors Specifications

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