software for ultrasonic corrosion/erosion monitoring

Sensor Networks’ webPIMS™ cloud-based, back-end corrosion/erosion data management software allows users to quickly and easily analyze, set alarms for, trend, map, export, and report metal-loss data and rates. 

With webPIMS, you can access data from Sensor Networks’ PIMS devices anywhere with an internet-enabled device including a smartphone. Available 24/7, team members can simultaneously review data in real-time and make critical decisions regarding asset integrity, safety, and operational process conditions.

Hardware compatibility:

use webpims for:

Custom Alarms

Create custom alarms to alert you based on corrosion rate thickness value.

Temperature adjusted

All thickness readings are temperature adjusted to ensure consistent and accurate data regardless of process changes, start-up, shut down, or upsets.

effortless data export

Quickly and easily export data to a .xml or .csv file for reporting or mass export to historians/IDMS.


View and analyze historical data and compare to your operating schedule to optimize process control.

Optional On-Prem solution

For those who want to keep their data off the cloud, the On-Prem webPIMS data management system provides a local self-contained / in-the-fence system.


Add pictures, descriptions, and other notes to show where the sensors are placed and other important information.

Home page screen showing enterprise-wide macro view, including pie chart with sensor location, status, GPS and latest readings of all sensors.

Trending screen graphically shows metal loss versus time, temperature, thickness, and digitized RF signals (A-Scans) for each measurement.

Features like temperature compensation help maximize the accuracy of thickness measurements.

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