Rugged, wireless, non-intrusive temperature sensors

microTEMP™ Intrinsically Safe is a fully wireless, non-intrusive, network of sensors, designed for direct and remote temperature measurement. Powered by long-life batteries (10 years), it operates using long-range, sub-gigahertz LoRaWAN® wireless connectivity. 

Each microTEMP sensor measures and records temperature data and time, storing the information in memory. Data is transmitted every 12 readings to the webPIMS™ application for database storage, trending, and analysis. webPIMS can alert users if a received temperature exceeds user-defined limits via e-mail or SMS text messaging.

Use MicroTEMP FOR:

Fast & Consistent Data Readings

microTEMP is ideal for applications that require frequent data to monitor temperature levels.

Continuous monitoring

Constant temperature monitoring -40°F (40°C) up to 1,112°F (600°C). Designed to quickly respond to temperature changes, ensuring accurate and efficient monitoring.

Monitoring that is automatic & hands-free

Once installed, microTEMP can take temperature measurements every 10 minutes, allowing for more frequent data without the cost of manual inspections.

Easy Installations and integration

Easily integrate microTEMP nodes into your new or existing LoRaWAN network. Our solution offers a considerably more cost-effective alternative to intrusive, wired thermocouples.

Monitoring Several Points

Connect up to 1,000 microTEMP sensors per gateway up to ~ 1 mile (1.6km) range.

real-time alerts

Take action immediately if temperature rises or falls outside set ranges. Get alerts vis email and SMS text to protect your assets around the clock.

Revolutionizing Temperature Measurement for Petrochemical and Downstream Oil & Gas Systems

Temperature monitoring plays a critical role in ensuring the efficient and safe operation of Petrochemical and Downstream Oil & Gas systems. Out-of-range temperatures can cause severe damage to machinery, compromise the quality of processes, and even pose safety risks. That’s why Sensor Networks is proud to introduce microTEMP™ Intrinsically Safe, for use in Zone 0 Hazardous Locations.  This rugged, wireless, and non-intrusive temperature sensor offers direct temperature monitoring, empowering businesses to optimize their operations and maintain the highest quality and safety standards.


Wireless Receiver/Gateway

webPIMS™ Data & Analysis Software


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