A whole new approach to corrosion/erosion monitoring

microPIMS® Intrinsically Safe is a fully wireless, non-intrusive, ultrasonic corrosion/erosion monitoring system. Powered by long-life batteries, it operates using long range (>1 mile/1.6Km) sub Gigahertz wireless connectivity. Each microPIMS sensor is programmed to take readings at  user-defined intervals and send data to Sensor Networks proprietary webPIMS™ software, a cloud-based or on-premises back-end web portal for analysis, trending, and more.

Use MicroPIMS for:

Fast & Consistent Data Readings

Applications where frequent data is required to monitor corrosion/erosion rate issues.


microPIMS gives short-term or long-term corrosion rate data that is needed to monitor crude-slate changes or to correlate operational system updates.

Monitoring that is automatic & hands-free

Once installed, microPIMS can take thickness readings at user-defined intervals, allowing for more frequent data without the cost of manual inspections.

Easy Installations

With magnetic and clamp-style attachment options available, microPIMS are easy to install - without sacrificing performance and accuracy.

Monitoring Several Points

Each gateway can connect up to 1,000 microPIMS, allowing full coverage of targeted areas in a facility. Each microPIMS communicates directly with the gateway reducing battery drain.

Reducing Costs

Reduce scaffolding and insulation removal/refitting costs for internal corrosion monitoring. microPIMS are a more accurate and reliable data option designed for improving operations.


Measuring corrosion and erosion rates is an important part to keeping potential problems from becoming disastrous realities. Over the last 70 years, ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT) has become a proven, established, and refined technology. Advances in microelectronics, software, wireless communications and the “internet of things” have made “installed ultrasound” an extremely attractive and cost-effective solution. microPIMS was designed by our engineers to give you all of the necessary tools to collect frequent data, without the need for manual inspections.

Wireless Receiver/Gateway

microPIMS Sensor HT (L) UHT (R)

webPIMS Data & Analysis Software

Watch how MicroPIMS provides non-intrusive and wireless corrosion/erosion monitoring:

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