Enhancing Efficiency and Safety: Xcel’s Nuclear Sites Harness the Power of JAWS 2.0

The future of f.o.s.a.r.

Sensor Networks’ JAWS 2.0™ is a rugged, motorized retrieval tool with integral Hi-Def camera and LED Lighting. It is easy to use, robust, submersible, and works in any industrial environment. JAWS 2.0 is available as a basic kit or as part of an ultimate loose-parts retrieval kit.

Figure 1: JAWS 2.0 & Controller with Screen

Successful Deployment of Jaws 2.0

Foreign Objects Search and Retrieval (FOSAR) plays a crucial role in nuclear power plants where the presence of foreign material can pose safety hazards, operational risks, and potential equipment damage if left unresolved. To ensure the safe and smooth operation of nuclear plants, it is essential to have efficient and reliable FOSAR tools at hand, such as the JAWS 2.0.

In the pursuit of enhancing FOSAR capabilities, Xcel Energy’s nuclear sites, Monticello and Prairie Island, recently acquired JAWS 2.0 ultimate kits from our exclusive distributor for the nuclear industry, Alphasource, Inc. Successful retrievals were achieved at Monticello’s Spent Fuel Pool by using their on-site Sensor Networks’ JAWS 2.0 retrieval tool.

During routine maintenance, a 6-inch section of duct tape was observed sinking to the bottom of the Spent Fuel Storage pool. JAWS 2.0 was deployed to retrieve the foreign object. Upon examination, it was discovered that the retrieved material appeared to be an old piece of Raychem material that was clamped in place with hose clamps.

Figure 2: JAWS 2.0 Ultimate Kit

In another event, an unidentified item was discovered straddling two used fuel bundles.  A clear 1080p image of the object was captured using the Hi-Def camera capabilities of JAWS 2.0. This image played a crucial role in identifying the foreign material (FM), enabling the team to devise a plan for its removal. 

Figure 3: A close-up photo of the JAWS 2.0 screen, showcasing the clear camera and the gripper at the bottom

However, while attempting to deposit the FM into the trash bucket in the cask pad area of the spent fuel pool (SFP), the FM contacted the bail handle and fell to the floor of the SFP in the cask pad area. With the aid of JAWS 2.0’s versatility and its ability to swap out end-effectors for use in a wide variety of situations, the item was successfully removed using the Fork & Tine attachment.

Figure 4: Variety of interchangeable end-effectors for maximum accessibility

“For a tool we hoped to never use, it has been a fantastic product.”

Reflecting on the remarkable success of JAWS 2.0, a representative from Xcel’s nuclear sites expressed their satisfaction with its exceptional performance. 

When it comes to retrieving objects from challenging locations, having a reliable tool like JAWS 2.0 can make all the difference. Within minutes, users can address any retrieval application without advanced training. This equipment can end up shortening downtime by days and save a plant millions of dollars in the process. JAWS 2.0 empowers users to handle retrieval tasks efficiently, minimizing operational disruptions and maximizing productivity.


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Enhancing Efficiency and Safety: Xcel’s Nuclear Sites Harness the Power of JAWS 2.0

Foreign Objects Search and Retrieval (FOSAR) is a critical task in nuclear power plants, and having efficient tools like the JAWS 2.0™ is paramount to ensure safety and operational efficiency. Xcel’s nuclear sites, Monticello and Prairie Island, recently integrated the JAWS 2.0 ultimate kits into their FOSAR capabilities. These kits proved their effectiveness during routine maintenance at Monticello’s Spent Fuel Pool.

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