Previan acquires Sensor Networks

Sensor Networks’ complete range of advanced and high-quality solutions will complement and reaffirm the company’s flagship position in the NDT industry

Québec, Canada, May 25, 2023 — Previan announces the acquisition of Sensor Networks, Inc. (SNI), a leading provider of sensing tools and technologies that enable the inspection and remote monitoring of safety-critical components with increased productivity. As a result of the transaction, SNI will officially become part of the Previan Group and will see its NDT solutions powered through the Eddyfi Technologies business unit.

Specifically, all of SNI’s people and technologies will be added to Eddyfi Technologies’ portfolio. Eddyfi Technologies will be responsible for promoting the Sensor Networks’ brand in major industries where it is well established, including energy, power generation, aerospace, defense, rail and manufacturing. Within Eddyfi Technologies, SNI’s conventional and phased array ultrasonics probes, permanently installed UT corrosion monitoring systems and remote visual inspection (RVI) instruments will be added to the solutions range and complement the offering of high- performance NDT technologies.

Sensor Networks is a fantastic addition to Previan. There is a great fit between us, as we both value innovation and technological leadership and base it on strong customer intimacy and intricate knowledge of the challenges that plague infrastructure and critical assets worldwide. We are obviously excited to add the SNI solutions to our Eddyfi Technologies unit. Additionally, the high-end SNI expertise to Previan and the potential it should also add to NDT Global was a huge driver in this transaction. NDTG is the technology expert in the in-line inspection (ILI) space. Enhancements to the UT, PAUT, and ART sensing capabilities will further improve NDTG’s overall solutions. All in all, I firmly believe that Previan is the perfect homebase for SNI’s next phase of life,” says Martin Theriault, founder, CEO and chairman of Previan.

Pierre-Hugues Allard, President of Eddyfi Technologies, mentions that “the addition of Sensor Networks is great news that will benefit our respective customers. Leveraging the best UT and PAUT probes, combined with our advanced and renowned instruments and software, without depending on third-party suppliers, will lead to solutions tailored to exact need of our clients. I already expect that new ideas, aimed at better identifying defects and provide integrity assessments will emerge from the synergies created in the coming months, as adding UT sensors to our portfolio will allow us to seize many new opportunities and to fast-track the development of the next solutions that we will introduce to the industry.”

Jeff Anderson, President & GM of Sensor Networks, is delighted with the transaction. “We are very proud to join the Previan family! We have found the right partners to propel us to the next stage. Our footprint is very solid in North America and we have risen up to challenges faced by major customers. Within Eddyfi Technologies, we will have all the network and the team needed to fuel our growth. Furthermore, this transaction is directly in line with what our co-founders, Jim Barshinger and Bruce Pellegrino, had in mind when they channeled leadership and innovation and modernized the way corrosion-monitoring products were made, a decade ago. We are sensing that spirit within Previan and Eddyfi Technologies, and it suits us!”, says Mr Anderson.

Founded in 2014, Sensor Networks, Inc. provides the tools to solve critical asset management challenges. Through reliable technology and high-quality data, they enable safer, more cost-effective operations using standard and customized ultrasonic transducers, remote visual tooling and remote non-intrusive corrosion monitoring in various applications in the petrochemical, energy, power generation and aerospace industries. The company employs some 100 people, headquartered in State College, Pennsylvania, with satellite offices in Houston, Hong Kong and Osaka.


Previan is a fast-growing, innovative, and private industrial technology group focused on advanced diagnostic technologies to monitor the world’s infrastructure health. The Group serves asset owners, large engineering firms, and service companies globally in markets such as Aerospace, Civil Infrastructure, Energy, Mining, Power Generation, and Rail. Via sensors, hardware, robotics and software, Previan makes a safe and sustainable future possible, by pushing the limits of diagnostic technologies that preserve the integrity of our world’s critical infrastructure and assets. The company employs over 1,700 people throughout 35 offices worldwide and serves clients in more than 110 countries. More information can be found on the company’s website:

About Eddyfi Technologies

Eddyfi Technologies offers a diversified portfolio of NDT instruments, sensors, software, and robotic solutions for the inspection of critical components and assets in key industries such as aerospace, oil & gas, defense, and power generation. Eddyfi Technologies serves customers in more than 110 countries. Headquartered in the advanced NDT hub of Québec (Canada), Eddyfi Technologies employs more than 725 people, and leverages 14 centers of excellence and sales offices worldwide, all staffed by NDT experts. Learn more at

About Sensor Networks

Sensor Networks, Inc. (SNI) is a U.S.-based technology company that specializes in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). With dozens of experts and hundreds of years of combined NDT experience, SNI helps customers inspect their assets safely and cost-effectively. SNI has a hands-on approach and individualizes every customer experience. More details:

About NDT Global

NDT Global is the leading provider of ultra-high-tech diagnostic inspection solutions, advanced data analysis and Advanced Diagnostic Insight services for ensuring the safety and longevity of energy-sector infrastructure assets. Recognized as the forerunner in ultrasonic inspection technologies comprising Pulse Echo, Pitch-and-Catch and Phased Array, as well as Acoustic Resonance (ART Scan) methodologies, the company also deploys a range of non- ultrasonic technologies, such as Inertial Measurement Units, with more under development. NDT Global strategically applies its inspection technologies to detect, diagnose and model various types of threat—circumferential or axial cracks, metal loss, geometry, mapping, and more – across diverse classes of assets. By providing predictive, decision- ready insights driven by the world’s most accurate data, NDT Global enables the conditions for asset owners to optimize infrastructure health and drive operational efficiencies while reducing risk and minimizing their carbon footprint. More details:

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