RVI Tools Take Industrial Inspections to the Next Level with Hi-Def Video Capabilities

JAWS 2.0

Sensor Networks, Inc. is proud to offer its Hi-Def-PTZx™ camera and JAWS® retrieval tool systems featuring 1080p Hi-Def video capabilities. But what does this actually mean and why is it important?

The simplest way to understand this is that the Hi-Def video features a 6:1 pixel ratio improvement. Typical standard-definition video uses 345,600 pixels vs. 2,073,600 pixels for Hi-Def video. The chart shows a basic comparison between resolutions for a typical standard-definition NTSC system vs HD-720p (720 x 480), and Full HDTV – 1080p (1920×1080), which is available with SNI’s products.

Our Hi-Def video systems also have a significant improvement in video color rendition & fidelity by providing a more precise and vivid representation of color. In the world of industrial inspections, even a small variation in color can become important when performing and evaluating an inspection. With our advanced Hi-Def tools, you’ll have everything you need to perform tank, vessel, or large-area inspections of piping and facility infrastructure.

At Sensor Networks, we combine new technologies with novel approaches for monitoring asset integrity, giving you advanced tools to keep your systems operating safely, productively, and efficiently. Upgrading your industrial inspections with Hi-Def video systems will give you greater satisfaction and peace of mind knowing you can clearly and vividly see the entire picture, helping you to make informed decisions and prevent potential problems before they occur.

For more information on Hi-Def PTZx, JAWS 2.0, or Hi-Def video capabilities, view our RVI brochure.

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