Our TOFD Probes are ‘Best in Class…’

Performance, quality, and delivery – these are the three things that set our standard and custom transducer options apart from others on the market – but these are not the only things that make us unique. Another point that makes us unique is that we have control over the lead times of our products. Even when our customers need custom options, we can move quickly to minimize the time between our initial consultation and when we deliver the finished product.  

We understand the importance of efficiency and maximizing transducer’s signal-to-noise ratio. Take the time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD) testing method for example. For a TOFD probe to efficiently find cracks in the mid-wall of a pipe or weld, the sensitivity of the sensor combined with controlling the waveform shape is essential. We’ve spent considerable time optimizing both and you can see the difference that makes for yourself in the images below.  

Figure 1: Above is a side-by-side comparison of a 10MHz SNI TOFD transducer (left) compared to a competitors TOFD transducer (right).   

The waveform in the example on the right is running at 91 dB gain to find the specific defect, while the example on the left is running at 74.0 dB gain. The signal on the left is an SNI transducer which has less noise and a more controlled waveform than the signal on the right. The benefit? With increased transducer sensitivity and optimized waveform control, our TOFD transducer enables users to find smaller defects. 

There’s a reason our TOFD probes are ‘Best in Class.’ We’ve got an awesome team of more than 50 professionals, all with vast experience providing NDT solutions for the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Aerospace, and Transportation industries. Leveraging that expertise for the design and manufacture of our TOFD probes and other NDT products yields quality and performance that outclasses many of our competitors.  


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