Custom Report Building with New Report Writer Function

Within webPIMS, several calculations are made to determine corrosion/erosion rates and predicted alarm/end-of-life dates for the monitored asset. All this data can be sent straight to you thanks to the optional Report Writer function that allows you to select from several report formats from webPIMS data and have a report file (CSV) sent to your e-mail inbox. The data can be managed and filtered within MS-Excel for custom report building or importing into other IDMS software applications.


  1. A  new icon on the top menu bar will be available for accounts purchasing the option. When clicked, the user will see a report writer page where they can select the sensors to include, using the left hierarchy menu and saving the selection.
  2. Choose the date range for the data you wish to include using the start and end date fields.
  3. Select the report format and submit! In a few minutes, the report will be sent to your inbox.

Interested? Contact your Sensor Networks team to learn more and gain this added functionality to your existing webPIMS software account!

View the webPIMS Data Sheet

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