Wired Solutions

Take advantage of remarkably cost-effective, modular and robust solutions for remote, non-intrusive monitoring of ID corrosion and erosion using the latest solid-state electronics, cloud based software and innovative ultrasonic transducer designs.

Wired Solutions Features:

Hard Wired

Ideal for areas without a cellular or wireless infrastructure.

Wired Power

Wired solutions sourcing all power from wired sources. No battery on board.

Simple Data Collection

Wired solutions send all of the collected data to an easy to access terminal box which can then be collected manually via a tablet/PC.

Collect Data From Multiple Sources

Daisy-chain up to 32 DSI's on 1000' RS-485 cable.

Two Types of Transducers

Choose between 16 single-element or 8 dual-element sensors per DSI.

Permanent or Temporary Solutions

Wired solutions are designed to give a range of installation methods to either temporarily or permanently affix the sensors (except matPIMS™).

Measure it. Manage It.

Modbus tablet systems address buried pipe and mobile assets (tanker cars and trailers) that require accurate, repeatable, infrequent measurements. Modbus control room systems are ideal for offshore platforms when wired directly into the asset’s plant control system or CDS. The installed sensors provide automatic closed-loop monitoring of the production process.

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