Phased Array UT Transducer Wedge RFQ Form

This questionnaire will help us to meet your requirements concerning special probes quickly and effectively. Please complete all portions of this form that apply to the phased array wedge that you are requesting.

Part Number (If Known)
Wedge Style
Wedge Size (Element Size)
Refracted Angle (Angle in Test Material)
Wave Mode
Test Material
Acoustic Velocity
Cylinder Diameter (ID or OD)
Radius of Curvature
Wedge Curvature
Skew Angle
Quantity of Wedges Needed:

Figure 1

OD Axial Cut

Figure 2

OD Circumferential Cut

Figure 3

ID Axial Cut

Figure 4

ID Circumferential Cut

Figure 5

Base Metal Skew

Figure 6

Fillet Weld Skew

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