Slide INTRODUCING A WHOLE NEW APPROACH to wireless corrosion/erosion monitoring microPIMS® Intrinsically Safe is a fully wireless, non-intrusive, ultrasonic corrosion/erosion monitoring system. Powered by long-life battery, it operates using long range (>1 mile/1.6Km) sub Gigahertz wireless connectivity. Each microPIMS sensor is programmed to take readings at a user-defined specified time interval and send data to Sensor Networks proprietary webPIMS™ software, a cloud-based or on-premises back-end web portal for analysis, trending and more. Learn More
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Take advantage of remarkably cost-effective, modular and robust solutions for remote, non-intrusive monitoring of ID corrosion and erosion using the latest solid-state electronics, wireless or wired technologies, cloud based software and innovative ultrasonic transducer designs.

Slide SMARTER REMOTE NON-INTRUSIVE CORROSION MONITORING with installed ultrasonic sensors wireless solutions wired solutions smartPIMS WIRED smartPIMS CELLULAR smartPIMS components, software, and systems are highly configurable, from just a few sensors to thousands of TMLs per network. Leveraging the low-cost and ubiquitous aspects of the Internet and wireless networks, systems can be easily and cost-effectively installed and maintained at most industrial facilities. Wired Wireless Wired Wireless

AWS-hosted cloud-based data management system for ultrasonic thickness measurements from installed UT sensors.

Slide CONTINUOUS ACCESS to additional and improved data webPIMS can automatically or manually receive data from ultrasonic sensors for web-based display, storage, trending and analysis. Users can access this data from anywhere with an internet-enabled device such as a PC, tablet or smart phone. VIEW THE DATA SHEET VIEW THE DATA SHEET
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